Senior Photos

Senior year is a milestone in many peoples’ lives. In trying to capture this moment, I find it important to take the time and give my models an opportunity to express themselves. My clients and I choose a time and location where they will feel comfortable enough to show their true selves. We then work together for 2 hours taking photos. I take a wide variety so that I am sure we have enough to choose from. Contact me if you’d like me to take yours!

Sandra Senior Photos-10.jpg
Andrew Senior Photos-14.jpg
Sadie Senior Photos-28.jpg
Elena Senior Photos-8.jpg
Maria Senior Photos-3.jpg
Zack Senior Photo-2.jpg
Annalee Finished Senior_-15.jpg
Sandra Senior Photos-19.jpg
Kelsey Senior Photos-23.jpg
Sadie Senior Photos-33.jpg
Maria Senior Photos-8.jpg
Sofie Senior Photos-16.jpg
Harry Senior Photos-14.jpg
Katie P's Senior Photos-17.jpg
Harry Senior Photos-20.jpg
Annalee Finished Senior_-4.jpg
Ayva Senior Photos-13.jpg
Katie P's Senior Photos-2.jpg
A liv edited.jpg
Kaya Senior Photos-5.jpg
Elena Senior Photos-13.jpg
Wyatt Senior Photos.jpg
Sarahs Edited Senior Photos-13.jpg
Annalee Finished Senior_-5.jpg
Ayva Senior Photos-21.jpg
Katie P's Senior Photos-10.jpg
Jenny Senior Photos-16.jpg
Kaya Senior Photos-12.jpg
Sarahs Edited Senior Photos-14.jpg
Sofie Senior Photos-18.jpg
Sage Senior Photos-29.jpg
Wyatt Senior Photos-8.jpg
Kelsey Senior Photos-7.jpg
Sandra Senior Photos-9.jpg
Sarah Senior Photos-18.jpg
Maria Senior Photos-17.jpg
Sadie Senior Photos-19.jpg
Andrew Senior Photos.jpg
Sage Senior Photos-15.jpg
Oscar Senior Photos-4.jpg
Ayva Senior Photos-14.jpg