People are my favorite subject to photograph by far. The interaction that I receive is beyond just the art, but its the relationship that I develop and how I can convey they're uniqueness. I enjoy taking photos with my friends, but meeting new people has always been a strong motive for me to continue photography. 

Olivia Glitter.jpg
Hannah Sofar-7.jpg
Sage plant.jpg
A couple o me's.jpg
Hailani Mt.jpg
Every liam-24.jpg
Zach funkness.jpg
Jon HR-2.jpg
A bunch of old ones-3.jpg
Sadie with stairs.jpg
Demitri Face Paint.jpg
Cant Show my Face best.jpg
Jhett Dalles hill.jpg
Cropped Olivia Hat.jpg
Kirby shadows.jpg
Gabe dope as fuck eye.jpg
Luke's Edited-12.jpg
Evan Couds.jpg
Albert and Pedro first-4.jpg