Black and white

A break from color is just what I need sometimes. When working with black and white, my surroundings guide my photo much differently than in color. Besides natural contrast, texture and composition are often my main focuses.

A bunch of BWs-2.jpg
Astro BW.jpg
BW clouds.jpg
Some idk BWs 8.jpg
overexposed bw mt.jpg
BW river.jpg
Creepy BW.jpg
Some idk BWs-2.jpg
Slanted Myles Fog BW.jpg
yin yang.jpg
A bunch of BWs-6.jpg
BW river-4.jpg
Cliff BW.jpg
eastern or-11.jpg
Some picnic with liv-2.jpg
Eric Takin the Breeze.jpg
eastern or-5.jpg
beau fadede.jpg
First BW Joshua tree.jpg