This is my best friend Alivea. We like to take photos together. If it weren't for her graciousness as a model, I would not be where I am as a photographer now. She's also really pretty so I had to make a folder for her. 

Some Liv Tests.jpg
Liv Mountains-2.jpg
Liv Light face.jpg
Blue and snow set-3.jpg
liv my house.jpg
Liv Coffee sip.jpg
Coffee Bean-12.jpg
Liv cuteness-2.jpg
liv my house-2.jpg
Alivea Green.jpg
A few more tests--4.jpg
Film bws 1.jpg
Coffee Bean-3.jpg
More ruins.jpg
Liv BW Shadow new.jpg
Liv Facepaint.jpg
Some Liv Tests-4.jpg
Veil Liv BWs-5.jpg
Liv Mirros.jpg
Coffee Bean-10.jpg
Too damn gorgeous.jpg
Liv BW.jpg
Liv mirror1.jpg
Coffee Bean.jpg